Long biography for public reference:

Ex-filmmaker. Muckraker. Silencebreaker. Signal-booster.

Jay Baker (he/him) is a media activist and freelance facilitator from Sheffield, UK.

He has over twenty years of experience working for social justice – applying the DIY “punk” ethic to making documentaries, writing books, organising anti-fascist events, and launching and running projects helping to empower communities in both Britain and North America – where he has been invited to speak, chair, and MC at festivals, conferences, and events from Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) and Huddersfield University (UK) to the Non-Violence Festival (Canada) and the Festival of Debate (UK).

A longtime propaganda critic, he’s currently working on a mobile app to aggregate reliable news sources and is also keen to help develop a network of local radical media hubs as a counter to establishment media.

Jay was pulled from school as a child and taught at home by his mother to whom he credits for his intersectional feminism. He’s also a media degree drop-out and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and works in social impact with his partner Jane Watkinson, facilitates workshops for the FreeTech Project, and is a director of the board at E.D.E.N Film Productions. He is a proud member of both the IWW and Acorn. He is interested in pop culture, creativity, technology, and loves coffee and vegan food — as well as pro wrestling for his sins.

Baker has his critics too: He has been listed as a “public enemy” by the fascist website Redwatch, provided the inspiration for the character of a “self-righteous left-wing blogger” in one book, as well as a sinister social media figure portrayed by a Hollyoaks actor in another story for the stage. He was unfollowed on Twitter by Owen Jones and Tom Watson, who also blocked him – because of his support for Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson in his Labour days.

He has written for Now Then, The Scavenger, and the award-winning zine La Bouche, amongst other websites, zines, and newspapers, and appeared numerous times for the BBC whilst writing for established commercial newspapers before making the decision to completely boycotting establishment media. In addition, he hosts the political pop culture podcast The Left Fist, while continuing to blog and vlog as much as he can in a way that is intended to be personal, accessible, casual, and irreverent.

Formerly a democratic socialist, he now describes himself as “probably an anarchist,” a development reflected in his work in recent years.

You can drop him a line via mediaactivist<at>protonmail<dot>com.