Jay Baker has over ten years of experience and knowledge as a media producer in Britain and North America, and has worked with companies, councils, and communities to assist them in their own production of media, both as an individual and through his various initiatives. He is extremely knowledgeable in Web 2.0, efficient with most stills and video cameras, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and comfortable on Windows, Mac, or Linux-based operating systems, with excellent English skills both written and spoken.

“Jay is passionate about everything he does, and his goals are to establish his work for the greater social good; a refreshing and welcome trait in an industry that often neglects that perspective. Jay is ambitious, hard-working, and very thorough and organized in his work -- a great asset in the field of social media!” – Lenna Titizian, Anila Publications

“As the Managing Director at SilenceBreaker Media, Jay is a powerhosue; talented, visionary and tirelessly dedicated. He has strong project management skills and is highly competent in areas of financial management. Jay's personal qualities make him a natural mentor and advocate for positive social change.” – Catherine Moggridge, SilenceBreaker Media

“With access to new information technology breaking down the old media monopolies, there has never been a better time than now for critical independent media to flourish. Jay Baker is part of the new generation of activists seizing the moment!" – Andy Bowman, The Mule newspaper

“A talented filmmaker, political visionary and fundamentally a genuine and caring person…(who) I admire tremendously.” – Jennifer Jones, SilenceBreaker Media

“Jay is a highly creative and motivated individual. I have watched two of his full-length films which I found to be original, amusing, poignant and fun. Jay is passionate about his beliefs, tenacious and charming.” - Vicky Evans, Far Out Theatre

“A hard-working and dedicated individual…Jay is a creative entrepreneur possessing the right qualities to engage people…the right business aptitude and management skills to take ideas forward.” – Caron Bembrick, Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit

“(Jay) did a great job relating to students by using wit and clever analogies. I believe it is vital for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills and (his) film and commentary demonstrated just that.” - Michelle Chartrand, Père René de Galinée school

“Seemed to connect with students more directly…provoked more questions (than usual), and I think that might be because (his) ‘alternative’ and varied way into the media might look more realistic at a time when the established media are in retreat and job opportunities are at a virtual standstill.” – Bruce Hanlin, Huddersfield University

Much of Jay’s media activism has resulted in works of his own, available below.

Escape from Doncatraz (2008)
Called “the immigration information that got past the media border guards,” Escape from Doncatraz (2008) is a stylish, post-modern, feature-length documentary that acts as a warning of what happens when a people provides a leader with absolute power.

With dark humour, this “science-fact B-movie” looks at how values have fallen apart in “Blair’s Britain” as the country has imprisoned itself on an island of controlled borders, its population made paranoid by a right-wing media whilst living under the watchful eye of the surveillance state.

Through interviews with numerous experts and adventures around the country and its continent, writer, director and producer Jay Baker examines the morbid fear of the foreigner amongst his fellow Englishmen, highlights the hypocrisies, and concludes by pointing the finger upwards at the rich and powerful, before ultimately giving them a filmic finger in an unforgettable finale.

Pissing in the Mainstream (2009)
In this exclusive, entirely original, one-of-a-kind book, media activism's current force, Jay Baker, goes against the overwhelming waves of mainstream radio, television, and print, and sticks it to the damned dam of blocked information, explaining exactly why everything's gone wrong, and how we can make it right.

Baker challenges the academics, the government, the green movement, the middle classes, Kalle Lasn and Adbusters, and defines a brand-new vision for activists' alternative media movement, in the end deciding that - far from countercultural drivel and piss - the mainstream needs oxygenating by a waterfall of alternatives from a raging river of rabble rousers.

Baker’s written work can also be found at:
Award-winning zine La Bouche
Now Then Magazine
The Scavenger
The Mule