“Jay is passionate about everything he does, and his goals are to establish his work for the greater social good; a refreshing and welcome trait in an industry that often neglects that perspective. Jay is ambitious, hard-working, and very thorough and organized in his work -- a great asset in the field of social media!” – Lenna Titizian, Anila Publications

“As the Managing Director at SilenceBreaker Media, Jay is a powerhouse; talented, visionary, and tirelessly dedicated. He has strong project management skills and is highly competent in areas of financial management. Jay's personal qualities make him a natural mentor and advocate for positive social change.” – Catherine Moggridge, SilenceBreaker Media

“With access to new information technology breaking down the old media monopolies, there has never been a better time than now for critical independent media to flourish. Jay Baker is part of the new generation of activists seizing the moment!" – Andy Bowman, The Mule newspaper

“A talented filmmaker, political visionary and fundamentally a genuine and caring person (who) I admire tremendously.” – Jennifer Jones, SilenceBreaker Media

“Jay is a highly creative and motivated individual. I have watched two of his full-length films which I found to be original, amusing, poignant and fun. Jay is passionate about his beliefs, tenacious and charming.” - Vicky Evans, Far Out Theatre

“A hard-working and dedicated individual…Jay is a creative entrepreneur possessing the right qualities to engage people…the right business aptitude and management skills to take ideas forward.” – Caron Bembrick, Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit

“(Jay) did a great job relating to students by using wit and clever analogies. I believe it is vital for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills and (his) film and commentary demonstrated just that.” - Michelle Chartrand, Père René de Galinée school

“(Jay) seemed to connect with students more directly…provoked more questions (than usual), and I think that might be because (his) ‘alternative’ and varied way into the media might look more realistic at a time when the established media are in retreat and job opportunities are at a virtual standstill.” – Bruce Hanlin, Huddersfield University