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Cashing in on energy

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Who is profiting from supplying our energy? How much are the bosses getting paid? And how have these companies have been cosying up to the British government? This is the first alternative company profile of the UK’s Big Six energy suppliers, starting with Scottish Power.

About Scottish Power

Scottish Power Ltd is the sixth biggest energy supplier in the UK, currently controlling around 8 per cent of the market as well as profiting from generating energy too. On top of its retail energy arm, the company operates wind farms, as well as several electricity networks across Britain.

Despite being called Scottish Power, the company is owned by Spanish multinational energy company Iberdrola, one of the largest electricity utility companies in the world. In 2021, as the cost of living crisis began, company top brass collectively paid themselves almost £10m, and Scottish Power paid the Iberdrola corporate group over a billion pounds. Iberdrola’s CEO’s salary was at least £5.49m, and Iberdrola… Full article

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