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#EndSARS: Remembering a massacre

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Nigerians gather for the Abeokuta Prayer walk on 17 October 2020, mobilizing against police brutality and corrupt governance. 
Credit: Asokeretope

‘They are coming, run!’ – These were the words that echoed in Emeka’s* ears as he woke on the morning of Wednesday 21 October 2020, heavily bandaged and immobilized on a hospital bed. This was what he heard the night before, just seconds before falling under a hail of bullets.

On the Tuesday, the 22-year-old generator repair apprentice had joined friends at the Lekki toll gate for a demonstration at the height of the #EndSARS protests that rocked Nigeria for nearly two weeks. Emeka says he went out of curiosity, but it was a decision that would change his life forever. Two years on, he recalls the events of that night – seeing a lot of people running while holding Nigeria’s flag. He ran, tripped, and fell. Then everything turned dark.

According to Amnesty International, at least 12 people were shot dead that… Full article

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