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Introducing… Decolonize How?

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In June 2022, the Ogiek people in Kenya won a landmark reparations judgment in the African Court of Human and Peoples Rights, for collective title to their ancestral land in the Mau Forest, as well as significant financial ‘damages’. In the Caribbean, an increasing number of countries are cutting ties with the British monarchy – Barbados became a republic in November 2021 with Jamaica looking set to follow. And across the US and Canada a growing campaign is reasserting Indigenous control over occupied lands.

All these moves are a response to the ongoing impacts of British colonialism and imperialism – whether it be an attempt to address or undo some of its damage, challenge ongoing power imbalances, increase independence or challenge settler colonialism. New Internationalist will be exploring responses like this in a new series called ‘Decolonize how?’ which launches this month.

The series was sparked by a proposal from our readers. Each year New Internationalist puts out an open call for… Full article

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