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Spotlight: The Critics

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Photo: @TheCriticsCompany


Nine years ago, a group of young cousins met for the very first time at a family event, in Kaduna, Nigeria. They discovered a shared common interest: a love of hi-tech science fiction movies – and a certain distain for the ‘horrible romantic stuff about rich people’ emerging from Nollywood, the country’s film industry, at the time.

The cousins (now young men aged 16-20) – Richard Yusuff, Victor Josiah, Ronald Yusuff, Raymond J Yusuff and Godwin Gaza Josiah – remained in contact, meeting regularly to discuss sci-fi releases they had seen, particularly the special effects. They referred to themselves as ‘The Critics’.

‘Things started to come together when my father got a new mobile phone eight years ago,’ laughs Raymond. ‘Whenever dad would send us on an errand to charge up his precious new phone at my aunt’s house, using her generator… we would take our time, messing around with the camera and watching film tutorials on YouTube… Full article

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