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‘They’ve never experienced being a refugee’

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Mohammad Subat is pictured with the rest of the Baynana team. Credit: Baynana.

Egyptian journalist Osama Gaweesh found it difficult to find work when he first arrived in the UK. But then he spent a year training with the Refugee Journalism Project in London, and everything changed.

‘We met with experts from the BBC, Bloomberg, and The Guardian,’ said Ganesh, who is now a producer of Untold Stories and a TV presenter with Mekameleen. ‘And they introduced us to the industry as qualified, professional journalists who want another chance. This was amazing because they started to teach us how to pitch ideas, how to do freelance work.’

A key part of this process is mentorship by more established journalists in the UK, and Ian Dunt, the presenter of the ‘OH GOD WHAT NOW?’ podcast, became Gaweesh’s mentor. ‘He helped me to publish my first ever freelance work with The Guardian in 2021,’ Ganesh said.’ And it was amazing for me – it’s opened many opportunities as a… Full article

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