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Who qualifies for an ‘exhibition of working class art’?

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Credit: Emma Peer

Q: I was recently approached by the curator of a group exhibition of contemporary working class art, to ask if I would be willing to submit a painting. It’s a great opportunity and is – unusually for such grassroots initiatives – properly paid. But I’m not sure I fit the bill. I work as a home carer to pay the bills, but I went to art school and my upbringing was pretty middle class: my mum is a teacher and my dad a middle-ranking local government officer. I raised this with the curator, but she was undeterred, telling me I was working class in the ‘materialist sense’. But I’m still worried I’d be taking the opportunity off someone else. Should I go ahead, or sit this one out?

Conscientious of Leeds

For the British public, of a certain age, there’s one image that is almost synonymous with the term ‘class’. I’m talking about John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett standing in a line, in descending order of height, on the BBC’s The Frost Report…. Full article

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