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‘Stop Cop City’ Protesters March on Office of Cushman & Wakefield in Milwaukie, OR

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Report back on recent action in solidarity with Stop Cop City movement in Milwaukie, Oregon.

On Tuesday January 24th, a flock of angry forest creatures descended on the Milwaukie, OR office of Cushman & Wakefield to disrupt the corporate monotony within their lifeless office building. One of Cushman & Wakefield’s executives, John O’Neill III, sits on the board for the Atlanta Police Foundation.

Tuesday afternoon a group of activists marched in memory of Tortuguita, and in solidarity with Atlanta’s forest defenders, into the offices of Cushman & Wakefield in Milwaukee, Oregon. Inside the office complex they marched around chanting “Stop Cop City” and distributed flyers.

— Daniel V. Media (@danielvmedia) January 27, 2023

In solidarity with forest defenders in Atlanta, and in remembrance of Tortuguita, we stuffed flyers under doors and threw them in the air like confetti while chanting “Stop Cop City!” Although our action was brief, it succeeded in convincing the businesses in the office building to close for the next day, lock the lobby entrance doors, and consider hiring expensive security guards.

For more info on Cop City, Atlanta’s forest defenders, and the fatal police shooting of Tortuguita check out the links below.

— Daniel V. Media (@danielvmedia) January 27, 2023

From Portland to Atlanta, we’re all united in the fight to stop Cop City.

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