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Report Back from March in Vancouver, BC in Solidarity with Tortuguita and Fight to ‘Stop Cop City’

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Report on march in so-called Vancouver, BC in solidarity with Tortuguita and the movement to stop Cop City. Originally posted to Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

Solidarity from Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory (so-called Vancouver, Canada).

On Monday, January 23rd a crowd of masked people coalesced and took over Cambie Street at a major intersection. We walked up the road, singing, chanting, and holding signs to express our support for the Atlanta forest defenders and our rage at another life lost to police violence.

At one point in the walk, an Indigenous man leaned out of his apartment window facing onto the street to drum along with our singing.

After blocking traffic for a 2 kilometers walk we arrived at an island of greenery in the concrete jungle and disappeared among the trees, where we shared words and silence in honour of Tortuguita.

Stay strong, forest defenders!

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