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Help Cover Nissan Workers in Tenn & Amazon Workers in Kentucky

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Greetings from the Princess diner in Frostburg, Maryland. Our trip down to DC to cover President Lula was a massive success. We even got invited into the Oval Office (check out our dispatch “Brazilians Occupy White House with Joy and Singing”)

When I was down in DC, a photographer buddy asked me if I wanted to catch a ride with him on a trip through Louisville down to Memphis. There is a lot of organizing going on in Kentucky and Tennessee, and I jumped at the possibility. 

However, we need your help to help cover some of the travel costs while we are on the road. We certainly have lots of exciting stories to cover. 

In Kentucky, Amazon workers have been battling to unionize with the Amazon Labor Union outside Louisville.

 In Louisville, workers have also organized the 18 coffee stores owned by the Heine Brothers company, creating significant momentum for retail workers organizing momentum in Louisville, which has also seen workers at Apple and workers at Trader Joes in Louisville moving to unionize; Traders Joe recently moved took aggressive steps to try to block a union from coming to their Louisville locations. 

In Smyrna, Tennessee, skilled technicians at a Nissan plant are moving to unionize. They would be the first group of workers to unionize at Nissan if they are successful. 

Latino restaurant workers in Nashville have been on strike at Twin Peaks restaurant since January 14th. The strike has attracted. 

Finally, there is happening in racial justice and police accountability movements in Memphis following the killing of Tyre Nichols. 

There are a lot of stories to do on this trip, but we need your support to tell them. While we found a few places to stay for free, we will still need to pay for gas, food, and the occasional hotel room while on the road. 

Donate to help us pay for covering organizing in Kentucky and Tennessee.

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