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Defend the Atlanta Forest Week of Action

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New video from sub.Media about the upcoming weeks of action in solidarity with the fight to stop Cop City in so-called Atlanta. GA. For more information, see Defend the Atlanta Forest.

From March 4-11, supporters of the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement will converge in the Weelaunee Forest in Atlanta. There will be a two-day music festival, workshops, discussions, and many ways to take an active part in the movement.

Weelaunee Forest: 3251 Westside Place, Atlanta, GA 30316

Bring a tent.

Week of Action Media Advisory:

Everyone is welcome to host an event in the forest!

Add your event to the shared calendar at

Email the flyer or social media graphic for your event to to have it promoted.

Download [ 1080p * 720p * 480p * 360p ] Subtitles [ English ]

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