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This Is America #182: Report from East Palestine; Week of Action Kicks off to Stop Cop City

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Welcome, to This Is America, February 21st, 2023.

On this episode, we speak with someone who is involved in a coalition of various anti-capitalist and autonomous groups that is organizing to support people in East Palestine, Ohio and beyond, who have been impacted by the recent Norfolk Southern disaster. We talk about what’s been happening on the ground in East Palestine for the past two weeks and how people, the State, and also the far-Right are responding. Please contribute and share this fundraiser to help local organizing efforts.

We then speak with two folks in Atlanta, Georgia about the current week of action against Cop City. We talk about the state of the movement since the police murder of Tortuguita, attempts by local elites to split the struggle, and how people can plug into the current week of action.

We then switch to our discussion, where we do a deeper dive on the disaster in East Palestine.

It’s Going Down

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