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Community Defense Blocks Sacramento Proud Boys From Disrupting Children’s Event

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Report back on community defense of a children’s event in Sacramento, California from Proud Boys.

On Sunday, March 12th, at 11:30 AM, a local black owned shop in Sacramento near Oak Park (a historic black and brown neighborhood) held a family friendly drag queen story hour. The event was advertised on their social media earlier this month, to much excitement of the local community. Last night at about 6:50 PM, a neo-Nazi group known for encouraging anti-LGBTQ+ attacks, “White Lives Matter Californiaposted a tweet alerting their followers to the drag event. The same kind of alert was sounded by these Nazis earlier this week against a transgender “day of joy” rally and march on Friday.

The shop owner was alerted of this threat and began to reach out to her local community for support. The owners and performers decided to continue with the event as a show of solidarity and defiance in the face of hate. With less than 24 hours notice of the threat, the community responded in overwhelming support. A sizable and diverse crowd gathered to protect the event and it’s attendees, consisting of various affinity groups, parents, dogs, and community members of all ages; including a strong POC and LGBTQIA+ presence.

Sacramento Proud Boys are closely tied to the neo-nazi “WLM” group whose members dropped banners in UCD in Aug. Sac Proud Boys Brandon Revering and Tyler Greenhalgh were among a group of ~6 Sac PBs who rallied with WLM to harass a pride event in June. Tyler was also at UCD tues.

— borwin10 (@Borwin10) October 29, 2022

Around 11:15 AM, a suspicious vehicle was seen circling the venue. It was quickly recognized as the car belonging to Tyler Greenhalgh, a known member of the Sacramento Proud Boys. Proud boys including Greenhalgh have been responsible for numerous violent attacks in the region, including at a drag show in nearby Woodland, last year’s ‘Straight Pride’ rally in Modesto, and outside a Turning Point USA event on the UC Davis campus. Proud Boys also have known ties to the neo-Nazi organization White Lives Matter, and the two groups have teamed up to attack LGBTQ+ events in the past.

Hey look it’s Tyler Greenhalgh’s car

— borwin10 (@Borwin10) March 13, 2023

Greenhalgh and four others, there of whom were also wearing Proud Boys gear, were seen around 11:50 AM approaching the event from a few blocks away. The community members standing guard outside the event quickly sounded the alarm and formed a line of umbrellas and bodies blocking the front door to the business. The outnumbered Proud Boys kept their distance and seemed unsure what to do. They made several half-hearted attempts to approach the venue, but ultimately remained at a distance.

Meanwhile, the drag story time event continued as planned, and was well-attended and undisturbed. Kids and parents crowded into the room and sounds of laughter could be heard from outside.

As attendees started to leave the event around 12:15 PM, community members escorted families to their cars, shielding them from the Proud Boys’ view with umbrellas. The Proud Boys yelled and jeered, and were eventually told to, “Get the fuck off my property!,” by a local neighbor who saw the group standing in his front yard. Another neighbor came out of his house to thank the community group for coming out and protecting the event.

🦓: After a call to action by “white lives matter CA / nor cal active club”, Sacramento Proud Boys tried to disrupt a Drag Queen Story Time event in Sacramento but were pushed out by community members.

📍: Sacramento, CA

— Black Zebra Productions (@blackzebrapro) March 12, 2023

When most attendees had finally left, the 5 Proud Boys approached the venue from the opposite side of the street and tried to start a shouting match. They were quickly drowned out by cries of, “Go home Proud Boy!,” and “This is what community looks like!” The entire group of Proud Boys eventually gave up and left, wet, cold, and frustrated.

Police were present but kept significant distance and mainly drove around the area. Multiple undercover cars were seen as well. At one point a solo cop approached the group of Proud Boys and engaged in dialogue. It is unknown what was said.

“Today was a good example of how #WeKeepUsSafe” said an anonymous community member who showed up after seeing the “white lives matter California” Twitter page calling for their white supremacist base to show up to this event | 3.12.2023

📍: Sacramento, CA

— Black Zebra Productions (@blackzebrapro) March 12, 2023

The event was a success, and the community defense initiative was a resounding victory. Those who attended described it as a, “Great show of solidarity and strength by this community to come together and stand against fascism.”

This is not the first time Proud Boys have shown up to attack a local drag event. However, this marks the first attempted attack in the city of Sacramento. Thanks to our strong and vibrant community, these fascists left with their tails tucked between their legs, unable to harm attendees or disrupt the event. We keep us safe.

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