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This Is America #184: Eric King Prepares for Release; Interview with Directors of “Elements of Mutual Aid”

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Welcome, to This Is America, March 24th, 2023.

On this episode, we speak with two members of the support crew for anarchist political prisoner, Eric King, who talk about a current fundraiser to help Eric get back on his feet as his release at the end of the year nears. We discuss how Eric has been standing strong following his successful trial and how people can support him as he prepares for life after prison. To donate to Eric King’s post-release fundraiser, go here.

We then speak with the two directors behind, The Elements of Mutual Aid, a “independently produced documentary series profiling a dozen mutual aid-based projects across North America.” According to the project’s website:

This series gathers the voices of community organizers who are tending grassroots alternatives to systems of oppression. In intimate interviews, we discuss the nuanced work of building trust between neighbors, making decisions horizontally, protecting our communities, sharing the responsibility of communal infrastructure, and more.

Currently in production, co-directors Payton McDonald and Leah Ayer will finish filming this summer. Post-production is scheduled for Aug 2023 – Aug 2024 and release is planned for late 2024. A screening tour back through many of the communities featured in the film will follow release.

You can support the film and help it reach a wide, grassroots audience by supporting its fundraising campaign here.

We then switch to our discussion, where we tackle Biden’s calls to ban Tiktok and also a recent push by politicians for a loosening of laws around child labor.

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photo: Elements of Mutual Aid

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