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Letter from Anarchist Prisoner Jorge “Yorch” Esquivel

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Letter from anarchist prisoner Jorge “Yorch” Esquivel, showing solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and Miguel Peralta, and announcing his next hearing for April 14, 2023.

Hey everyone, I send my greetings from the Reclusorio Oriente (Eastern Prison in Mexico City). My stay here hasn’t been that bad because of the support you’ve all given me. Life here is expensive. You have to clean (wash dishes, bathroom, cells, fill barrels with water, etc.) buy soap, bleach, brooms. Everything here costs something.

The food provided by the prison is awful and not clean. As some of you already know, I recently had an operation on my abdomen, and now I have to eat right. With the support that you all have sent me, and the food that my guardian angel Heather brings me, I can prepare my food and eat good. Thanks, because if I didn’t have that support it would be very difficult. I see that with the other compañeros who are here without visits and without anybody supporting them. The system of security here is disgusting, the fucking guards are more thieves than those who are prisoners. They are abusive and crooked. Here one has to always be aware of everything and everyone, because in the end it is always a prison.

In the area where I live there are two cats, one of them was born two months ago and the other is pregnant. I have a great time with these little animals. I miss my family of the Okupa Che who are always present in my thoughts, my cat Lucio who eats a lot, my punk brothers, and all the others I know who have not forgotten about me.

On April 14 is my next hearing. I hope everything goes in our favor so we can finish this process faster. I send much strength to the Italian Cospito thanking him for his struggle against the prison system of his country, to the brother Miguel Peralta who is a very cool guy, I hope to see him in the streets. That’s all compañeros. I will write soon.

I send you all a strong embrace. Thanks for everything.



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