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New Zines By North Carolina Prisoners Available for Distro

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Blackbird Distro is excited to announce publication of three new zines by NC prisoners, available as PDFs for printing and distribution both inside and outside of prisons.

The first, How to Start Your Own Study Group In Prison: Personal Reflections and A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Reading Groups to Build Prisoner Unity and Power, is by Bigg-O, a longterm NC prisoner who has organized radical black history themed study groups for years in different facilities.

Download PDF

The second, Heart of a Warrior, contains two different texts by longtime NC prison rebel Joseph ShineWhite, the first being his most recent interview with one of his supporters, and the other being his new article, “The Political Impotency of White Power.”

Download PDF

Finally, we also present a PDF compilation of (some) of the many statements, personal accounts, and interviews about the most recent week of action against Cop City in Atlanta. Undoubtedly more in-depth writing and reflection will emerge from there as that struggle continues, but as several people on the inside have written asking for more information about recent actions, we wanted to share what we’ve been able to compile thus far.

Download PDF

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