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Snitch Suzie Savoie Swarmed and Deplatformed in Southern Oregon

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Report on action ousting federal informant Suzanne Sayoie from an environmental space in southern Oregon. 

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, a group of bee loving environmentalists successfully deplatformed an event that was being led by Green Scare snitch and cooperating defendant Suzanne Savoie. Despite snitching on her ex-comrades in 2006, Savoie continues to worm her way into environmental activist spaces.

Yes, it’s been a longtime but Suzie we have not forgotten! You are an enemy to butterflies, ants and all critters who love the earth.

Suzie was scheduled to give a talk in the Southern Oregon town of Talent about pollinator gardens with her business Klamath-Siskiyou Native Seeds. But Suzie, as an unrepentant snitch and enemy to the environmental movement, is no friend of the bees! Prior to the event, the scene was buzzing with excitement as friendly faces swarmed the location and hung a banner featuring a cute image of The Vengeful, Vengeful Caterpillar announcing “Snitch Suzie NOT Welcome!” At this point, Suzie’s team called the cops — of course! Once a snitch, still a snitch.

As event attendees arrived along with half a dozen police officers, environmentalists fluttered around distributing flyers about Suzie. Some intrepid pollinators were even able to infiltrate and disrupt the event by reading court documents from Suzie’s sentencing about her “extraordinary cooperation” with the state.

Suzie’s talk was scheduled for 1-3PM but she simply could not continue amidst the buzzing, humming and shouting. The event ended over an hour early when a tearful Suzie was escorted to her gray Toyota Tacoma with Oregon license plate 216KPY by multiple police officers. Suzie’s head was hung low… but did she notice that a mischievous moth had placed a flyer about her underneath her windshield wiper?

Once someone has cooperated with the federal government, they may be called on to do so again. If we want a world that is safe for bees, lizards, butterflies, and moths, we must say: no platform for snitches!

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