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Final Straw: Trans Resilience in Texas

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Long-running anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw speaks with guests on the unfolding situation in Texas.

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Our interview with journalist and community organizer, Kit O’Connell (of the Texas Observer), and anarchist and activist lorén (of QTPIE or Queer and Trans People Illuminate Everything). Both folks are trans folks in Austin, Texas, and we speak for the hour about the increasing legal and social oppression of trans and gender non-conforming folks in that state as well as across the so-called USA, some of its impacts on trans children and children of trans parents, organizing, allyship and community defense. This episode will be available to the wider public in coming weeks.

Other links:

Kit O’Connell on mastodon (other socials linked on their website)
QT PIE Trans Bail Fund:
Vanguard Drag Crew:
Brigitte Bandit (Drag artist):
It’s also worth nothing that Ms. Bandit is being harassed with doctored photos by conservative groups playing up the fearmongering concerning children, as you can see in this tweet here:
House of LePore (Balroom house):
DDOS Secrets leak of American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds), an homophobic, anti-abortion and transphobic group run by Christian fundamentalists behind the lawsuit attempting to illegalize mifepristone as an abortion pill and that is confusingly named something like the American College of Pediatrics (a legit medical organization). The leak was the feature of a recent article in Wired.
Murder of Garrett Foster:

photo: Delia Giandeini via Unsplash

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