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Strippers Unionize in LA 1st – Chinese Strikes Surge – Canadian Unions Go “Scab Hunting” & Issue Heavy Fines

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Greetings from the Burgh, where I am wrapping up a busy day after covering the elections for the past two days. (Check out our dispatch “Pittsburgh Progressives Win Trifecta as Establishment Moves into Co-opt Electoral Victories”)

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North Hollywood Strippers Unionize in LA First 

In Los Angeles, strippers at North Hollywood’s Star Garden have unionized with Actor’s Equity in a first for Los Angeles. The victory comes after management withdrew its legal challenge to a nearly-year-long legal battle by the strippers for the right to unionize there.  

“The Star Garden dancers have been absolute warriors throughout this long process, and I’m thrilled that we’ve won recognition of their rights to safety and democracy in the workplace and representation at the bargaining table,” Actor’s Equity President Kate Shindle told Hollywood Reporter. 

For more, check out Hollywood Reporter.

CNET Workers Unionize Against the Threat of AI

AI is starting to be used to replace journalists, but some journalists are fighting back. Over 100 journalists at CNET have decided to unionize after CNET began to use AI to replace the work of journalists. 

“In this time of instability, our diverse content teams need industry-standard job protections, fair compensation, editorial independence, and a voice in the decisionmaking process, especially as automated technology threatens our jobs and reputations,” said the CNET Media Workers Union in a statement.

For more, check out Wired. 

Strike Surge in the Chinese Manufacturing Sector 

Over in China, the China Labor Bulletin is asking that international attention be paid to a surge of illegal strikes that they have been seeing in the manufacturing sector that has been undergoing restructuring there. From the China Labor Bulletin: 

Strikes and protests in China’s manufacturing sector have surged since early 2023, as many factories in China face economic difficulties. In the first quarter of 2023, CLB’s Strike Map recorded a tenfold increase in incidents in the manufacturing sector compared to the last quarter of 2022. 

These protests are concentrated in the export-oriented electronics industry, followed by garments and apparel, toys and the automotive sector. Workers are protesting over unpaid wages and benefits as well as layoffs and relocations, requesting economic compensation for these employment changes.

For more, check out the China Labor Bulletin. 

Canadian Unions Go on “Scab Hunt” Following Strike 

Earlier this month, over 155,000 union members, part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), went on a 12-day strike, shutting down nearly ⅓ of the Canadian federal government. 

Now, after resolving the strike, PSAC is seeking to fine the 4% of its union membership that decided to cross the picket line. From the CBC: 

PSAC’s constitution states members who cross the picket line, perform work not required by law, or are paid by the employer not to participate in a strike can face fines equalling the pay they earned while others were out protesting. 

Crossing a picket line is legal but heavily discouraged by unions, who see it as hurting their efforts. 

“It is a disgrace that you will still benefit from the persistence of your fellow members and the bargaining teams,” Vaillancourt’s letter says.

“UVAE National has been receiving the names of UVAE members who crossed the picket line and worked for the employer during the legal strike position who were not designated essential,” it continues. “Names are still coming into the national office.”

The letter says anyone with information about workers who broke with the strike action can send names to that office.

For more, check out the CBC. 

News & Strikes Happening Elsewhere 

CA Governor Newsom seals unusual deal allowing farmworkers new way to unionize

Atlanta Metro area Mexican restaurant owners charged in federal labor trafficking scheme

Minnesota Enacts Landmark Protections for Amazon Warehouse Workers

 Workers Battle Union-Busting at DC Sofitel Hotel

Harold Meyerson has a look at what has been a very successful few weeks for the labor movement 

Finally, Workday Magazine has a long interview with Rob McKenzie, who has a new book on the struggle of independent trade unionism in Mexico. 

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