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Final Straw: Mutual Aid At The Border in Tijuana with El Comedor

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Long-running anarchist radio and podcast show The Final Straw speaks with El Comedor, an anarchist mutual aid project based out of Tijuana, Mexico. 

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This week, we’re sharing a recent chat with Devi Machete, an anarchist involved in the Tijuana mutual aid project known as Contra Viento y Marea Comedor which distributes clothing, medical supplies, meals and packaged food throughout the week near the border with the USA. The project, known for short as El Comedor is launching a free school and art laboratory in May. For the hour, we talk about the migrant caravan in 2018 that gave rise to El Comedor, the self-organized work around the project and resisting the dehumanization of the border through solidarity and community.

Since the US allowed the Trump-Era Title 42 Covid-based restriction on immigrants entering the country to expire and has moved back to Title 8, so in a post-script Devi talks about concerns of a surge at the border and the further difficulties this change creates for migrants and refugees seeking asylum in the north.

Facebook: @ContraVientoYMareaComedor
Instagram: @ContraVientoYMarea_ElComedor
Venmo: @TJRefugee-support
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You can also check out our prior interview with Elements of Mutual Aid directors Leah & Payton to get some visuals of El Comedor, which is a featured project in that docu-series.

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