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About Me

I’m Jay Baker. My pronouns are he/him or they/them.

I have over twenty years of experience working for social justice inside and outside the system (and in that time embarked on a political education that took me from socialism to anarchism). In my years as a guerrilla videographer, I’ve documented demonstrations, marches, movements – and the policing against them – and interviewed the likes of Kate Wilson, Prem Sikka, Teresa Hayter, Peter Tatchell, Shami Chakrabarti, Richard Murphy, Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson, in addition to numerous campaigners, academics, and activists. As well as contributing to IndyMedia in the good old days, I presented screenings of my documentaries all over the world, earning myself a listing as a “public enemy” by fascist doxxing site Redwatch.

As a child I was pulled from an abusive school environment and homeschooled by my anti-authoritarian mother (who I credit for my intersectional feminism) and went on to apply this DIY “punk” ethic to such documentary work as well as zines, books, and organising anti-fascist events, while helping to launch and run community projects and non-profits in both Britain and North America – where I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to speak, chair, and MC at festivals, conferences, and events from Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) and Huddersfield University (UK) to the Non-Violence Festival (Canada) and the Festival of Debate (UK).

Today, I mostly work in communications and community education, and as a freelance facilitator, illustrator, and copywriter. I’m also an unpaid carer for my partner, who has LongCOVID. I live in social housing in Sheffield (UK), where I’ve been trying to set up a Local of the Solidarity Federation, having recently helped revitalise a branch of the IWW in the city. I’m also a member of the Freelance Journalists Union.

I’ve written for various websites, zines, and newspapers, and appeared numerous times for the BBC whilst writing for established commercial newspapers before I made the personal (and political) decision to completely boycott establishment media.

This website features both my personal blog as well as my political analysis, a motivation for media activism, protest strategies, and some digital resources.

I regularly attempt to aggregate relatively reliable news sources (you can see a list to the right/bottom of this page), am currently trying to add to my stash of videos on Kolektiva, and am also keen to help develop a network of local radical media hubs as a counter to establishment media.

For enquiries, email me.

Thanks to The Artist D for helping me keep this website alive over the years.

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