Welcome to the official website of Jay Baker, a media activist who specialises in helping with the dissemination of information for individuals, groups, volunteer organisations and small businesses.

He has over ten years of experience as a propaganda critic, professional documentarian, vlogger, blogger, author, youth worker, social justice campaigner, and social entrepreneur in Britain and North America. Director/producer of the feature-length film Escape from Doncatraz and author of Pissing in the Mainstream, Jay has utilised his skills and experience in devoting himself to information, dialogue, debate, and democracy at grassroots level – organising and hosting social justice events such as film festivals and concerts, speaking on podcasts and radio shows, using social media to promote local enterprises in his area, and delivering workshops, all with his trademark wit and warmth.

Baker’s most recent quest has been battling the monopolies of high-charging utility companies, and is attempting to offer people a better deal on the one product we all need: utilities. This is also part of his fight for net neutrality that threatens to restrict certain users of the internet, an issue further raised through his own social enterprise, SilenceBreaker Media. Through that, and The Break-In Project with his partner Jane Watkinson, he is currently working on his next film, Return to Doncatraz, a documentary about the rise of fascism in his hometown of Doncaster and the spectre of right-wing ideology across Britain as a whole, set for release in time for the 2015 UK general election.

Other more dubious honours include Baker being featured as a “public enemy” on fascist website Redwatch, having numerous songs written about him, being the inspiration for both a five-year long theatre project and the character of a "self-righteous left-wing blogger" in a novel, as well as guesting on BBC breakfast radio shows four times, having a “trading card” made of him at one university, being asked to contribute to the book Dear Entrepreneur: Letters from Those That Have Made it And Are Making It Happen, and becoming the subject of a poem as part of Like a Goat in a Hail Storm, the book by The Artist D – “The Internet’s First Super Star” who Jay considers an inspiration, and a great friend who brings this website to life.

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